Braid for your toddler

Jul 25th

Braid is the most hairstyle that you will easily find for black toddler hairstyles. Braid hairstyle is a complex structure of hair that is made by twisting more than two strands of hair. You can use this chance by making the braid for your toddler in order to make them more cute and fun.

little black dress hairstyles ideas
little black dress hairstyles ideas

Since many types of braids are very popular, you can use these black toddler hairstyles as your children hairstyle. Let’s start from the simple one which is usually called as English braid. You just need to divide your hair into three parts ad braid them. You can use headband to make it looks cuter. This kind of braid is perfect to be done especially if you are a bit rushing. The other style that you can try is straight cornrow braids. This braid rest flat on the head scalp and it begins from the hairline. If you want to apply simpler cornrow braid you just need to braid the hair from front to back.

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You may also try partial cornrow braid if you do not want to braid all of your hair. Partial braid is formed by braiding the hair until the crown part and makes the rest of the hair free. This is truly perfect for them who have long hair.